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200 West Main St, Richmond, KY 40475



Meeples Restaurant & cafe is a family ran restaurant owned by Ron & Sara Flickinger.

The idea for the restaraunt began in early 2011 as Ron and Sara were discussing their love of other local eclectic eateries in the region and the lack of such in Richmond Ky.

Armed with a passion for food and love of games they set out to bring an interesting concept to Madison County, a Board Game Cafe.

Meeples Restaurant & Cafe serves a wide selection of Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, Quesadillas, and Much more along with one of the largest specialty drink menus in Madison County. Their specialties are Bubble Drinks and interesting flavor combinations.

The Flickingers strive to bring a discerning taste to their creations and hold high standards for quality. If you ask Ron he will tell you that his goal for Meeples Restaurant & Cafe is to be unique enough and recommended so much that one day the Food Network’s Guy Fieri himself rolls up out front in his red camaro.

Meeples Restaurant & Cafe features a large public Board Game library with over 100 games and growing every week. From the classics like Monopoly and Sorry, Party games like Cards Against Humanity, and the popular euro games like Settlers of Catan. Game play is free with a minimum purchase per player.

Meeples Restaurant is a family friendly environment and not only is there a selection of games in the library for younger guests but they also provide an art experience with Rocks to Paint and Intricate coloring pages.