The 1778 Siege of Boonesborough

fort5The 1778 Siege of Boonesborough was an important battle of the American Revolutionary War. It serves as a reminder to everyone of the great efforts made, and hardships endured by the early Settlers, Surveyors, Farmers, Militia members, Traders, Hunters, Trappers, Scouts, and others. The Native Americans who were involved had to endure many hard times and much loss in their efforts to keep their hold on the rich hunting grounds of Kentucky. We should all be determined to honor all of these people from our history by presenting their story to the best of our abilities.

>In the past the main focus of the event has been the battle. While it will continue to be the central feature of the event, we want to show visitors more of the related history about the elements of life on the frontier in the times leading up to the Siege. This should include the push for settlement of Kentucky, the founding of Boonesborough, the Transylvania Company, land acquisition, land speculation, life skills on the frontier, conflict with Indians, and the various groups coming to Kentucky at the time. The Native American side of this story should be interpreted specifically to inform and educate visitors about their efforts to protect and preserve the land they had hunted on for generations, and their wish to maintain their lives and culture as they desired.

To accomplish this, we would like to have areas, groups, and individuals presenting these various interpretations in different locations in and around the fort during the weekend. This will help visitors understand and learn about the variety of people and the social and material culture. Some possibilities might include a camp of Militia members, Families coming to find land, Surveyors, Hunters who are hired to provide meat for the fort or for those who do not hunt, Trappers, Land Speculators, Packhorse men with goods to trade, Military veterans coming out with land grants earned for their service, and on and on. Interpretation and demonstration of such topics, all relating to the people, the time, and the place of Boonesborough 1775-1783, will make the event more accurate, meaningful, educational, and enjoyable for all.

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Fort & Gift Shop

fort35Fort Boonesborough has been reconstructed as a working fort complete with cabins, blockhouses and furnishings. Resident artisans perform craft demonstrations and give modern-day visitors a true sense of what life was like for pioneers in Kentucky.

• April 16 – Oct. 31 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Wednesday through Sunday
• $8 adults, $5 children (6 to 12), children under 6 free


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Fort Boonesborough Foundation

The mission of the Fort Boonesborough Foundation is to sustain, foster, and promote quality programming at Fort Boonesborough State Park. The majority of historical, craft, and educational programs at Fort Boonesborough and Boone Station Historic Site are supported by funding from the foundation.